Saudi Rail Careers

The Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) is one of two state-owned companies that operates Saudi Arabia’s rail network. The SRO operates a network of railways with a total length of approximately 1,380 kilometers. The network consists of two main lines. A 449 km passenger line that links Dammam with Riyadh, and a 556 km freight line that connects the King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam with Riyadh In addition, about 373 km of auxiliary lines branch from SRO’s main lines and connect some industrial and agricultural areas, and military sites, with export ports and residential areas.

As a largest employer, Saudi Railways take their responsibilities to the local community very seriously, through operating with consideration and by supporting sensible projects in their area. Our management team ensures that barriers of all kind are kept low to promote an open culture.Whether you live locally, are looking to work with us, or are simply interested in all things aviation, you’ll find what you need here.

Saudi Rail occupies the people globally and they are always on the lookout for new workforce. They try to make sure that their workers are occupied and pleased with both the professional and personal environment they create. At Saudi Rail they are employ people, who work so smart and efficiently. Their employees are at the heart of everything they do at the company.  They wish for kind and talented people. They offer various categories of jobs.

Saudi Rail Jobs

B2B Marketing Senior Specialist KSA