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Dubai Ports International (DPI) was founded in 1999, its first project was at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, collaborating with a local partner on the management and operation of the South Container Terminal. DPI then went on to develop operations at the ports of Djibouti in 2000, Vizag, India in 2002 and Constanta, Romania in 2003. In January 2005, DPI acquired CSX World Terminals (CSX WT). It was later, in September 2005 that Dubai Ports International officially merged with the Dubai Ports Authority (DPA) to form DP World.

The rapid expansion through acquisition continued in March 2006 when DP World purchased the fourth largest ports operator in the world, The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) for £3.9 billion ($7 billion). Now they operate a geographically diverse network of trade enabling businesses that provide access to some of the world’s busiest production centres, as well as its largest consumer markets, in mature and emerging economies.

Their tasks incorporate ports and terminals, yet in addition mechanical parks, coordination and financial zones, sea administrations and marinas. Truth be told, dp’s business has changed such a great amount from the beginning of working ports and terminals, they would now be able to be an indispensable piece of your store network, fitting creative arrangements that handle your difficulties and deal with your expenses.

dp Careers

An occupations counsel gives information about direction and work opportunities to youths and young people. Livelihoods advises give information about circumstances, and what’s more helping with abilities and help with CVs and application shapes. They customarily work at an office where kids go there to make “tests” and by the day’s end they will have a meeting with the calling manual for discuss what will be better for the kid later on.

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